Download and get playing!

Now that we’ve been to Cambridge Junction’s Watch Out and launched Play Cambridge Now or Never, the App is available in three places (Southend and Peterborough being the other two)

Here are the links to download the app wherever you are:

Google Play – for android devices

App store – for apple devices

Now go Play – it’s Now or Never! (and/or just download the app to see what its all about. There are maps and some clues in there- enjoy!)


Watch out for Play Cambridge Now or Never!

Spring is in the air and we’ve been hard at it – walking the streets and plotting Play Cambridge Now or Never! which will be launched as part of Cambridge Junction’s Watch Out Festival on 27th May- join us to catch some of the 50 (! ) prompts dotted around the city to experience it as a playground – we promise you’ll see things you’ve never noticed before (if you’re a local) and get a different tour of Cambridge (if you’re a visitor) – Watch this space for download links (which will go live on 27th May). no public right of wayIMG_1627IMG_1619IMG_1615