Digital amnesty and two more walkshop dates for your diary

Digital Amnesty – why not get rid of long forgotten digital devices to support a new playful App for Southend?

Do you own some long forgotten digital devices (phones, wii, xboxes, tablets) that are still in working order but no longer loved and you’d like to contribute to a good cause? Then why not bring these along on 28th April (2-6PM) , let us turn them into cash so your contribution goes towards supporting us in developing Play Southend Now or Never -Southend’s own playful App – which will work on your new mobile devices. We’ll invite you to an exclusive pre-launch introduction to the App and add you name to our supporters on the App itself (as well as our website).

Two more dates for diaries:

Futurepark Walkshop 28th April 6-8pm On Thursday 28th April between 6-8pm we will run a special ‘walkshop’ for Future Park at METAL Southend which is also part of the official opening of METAL art school. We’ll be exploring Chalkwell Park and surroundings, discovering playful ways to interact and discover the area through your eyes and memories, as they work on Play Southend Now Or Never! – the App, which will be launched at Village Green Festival on the 9th July 2016. The walkshop is free and promises to be fun and inspiring. We will start from Chalkwell Hall and return there for light refreshments. To find out more go to METAL’s website.

And last but not least – on 7th May 12-5pm  we’ll be doing some early App testing – drop in any time to help us work out what’s in and what isn’t…further details will follow…_I6A1638edit

Playing Park and Sea

Three almost spring like days of ‘walkshopping’ and playing within Chalkwell Park as well as in the streets beyond –  all the way down to the seaside. ‘Southendians’ certainly know their play and the town and were very generous with their time and ideas. METAL hospitality was also a treat and we can’t wait to get back to do some more research in coming weeks before we decide what to play where….Here are some images of play so far…

metal play

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Book a place for Play Southend Now or Never! ‘walkshop’ – Saturday 19th 2-4pm

On Saturday the 19th March between 2-4pm we’ll run our first public ‘walkshop’ – come join us- we’ll be exploring Chalkwell Park, discovering playful ways to interact and discover the area through your eyes and memories, as we work on Play Southend – the App, which will be launched at Village Green Festival on the 9th July 2016.

The walk is free and we promise it will be fun and inspiring. We will start from Chalkwell Hall and return there for light refreshments. To find out more and book a place – visit our Eventbrite page.


Catching winter sunshine as we get ready to Play Southend Now or Never!

Last week we went to Southend to start planning the ‘walkshops’ (16th-19th March – with only the 19th open to the public- booking details will follow soon). We met some very playful Southenders as well as Julian Hughes who took some lovely photos. We were blessed with wonderful sunshine too so all in all we’re getting very excited about this next phase of the project…TwoGirlsJumping_I6A1666edit_I6A1591editb_I6A1630edit_I6A1492editb

Launched and Mobbed

We’ve launched the app! We did it at Peterborough Arts Festival as planned with the help of wonderful volunteers who created a flash mob event in Cathedral Square. Here are just some of the images of actions as we gathered . The film will follow – watch this space…

AND if you are visiting Peterborough don’t forget to download the App – here!


IMG_3767IMG_3777IMG_3790 IMG_3782 IMG_3794

IMG_3806 IMG_3808

Testing Testing Testing

Beta testing is ongoing… we cannot say much more apart from how very excited we are to see it come together…when it works – it really works!! watch this space for updates and mark date in your diary for the launch of Peterborough’s first playful app- it will take place as part of Peterborough’s Arts Festival on 5th and 6th September- more details will follow