Walked and played YSP!

We’re back from a wonderful week of ‘walk & play YSP!’. Four public walks that were well attended in perfect end of Summer weather allowed us to really explore YSP. We will be thinking about the next stage of our project in coming weeks – watch this space for updates! In the meantime here are some of the photos from our final walk – all by Julian Hughes.

IMG_4277editYellow CollectiveIMG_4475editIMG_4318editYSP dialogues


Now What? IMG_4470editIMG_4431edit

Walk & Play (& Re Cap)

IMG_4448editWhat next? watch this space…


Floating and Balancing on a Blustery Afternoon

It was a blustery Saturday afternoon but even with rain clouds looming, we struck out to explore with our second group of participants for Play Peterborough, some returning from the first walk. We walked backwards in silence- most of us as that is – as some chatted ; ) and watched it all unfold in such a different way. We all noticed other people’s responses – perplexed and bewildered but always smiling.


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