Floating and Balancing on a Blustery Afternoon

It was a blustery Saturday afternoon but even with rain clouds looming, we struck out to explore with our second group of participants for Play Peterborough, some returning from the first walk. We walked backwards in silence- most of us as that is – as some chatted ; ) and watched it all unfold in such a different way. We all noticed other people’s responses – perplexed and bewildered but always smiling.


We talked about feral play and places we remembered or ones which still exist, where feral play is still a possibility (not many)

We admired the windows and the spaciousness of a dead end courtyard at the back of Queensgate shopping centre – thinking what games could be played there (lots and lots)


We ventured into a dark alley way in search of objects and people to balance on and with (quite a few)

We played ‘Peterborough Chopsticks’ on metal railings leading up from the traffic jammed road and into the shopping centre and were met by Saturday afternoon shoppers who all seemed as before; inquisitively perplexed but always smiling.

We waved to the cars jammed under the bridge and were delighted to get a wave back from the fire fighters – a case of civic duty or playfulness?

pcnn fire truck

We stood in two circles identifying sounds and visions in the busy central bus station and were advised to play elsewhere by security guards, our chalk circles wiped out almost instantly by the cleaner.

We sought green patches to enjoy while they last at the back of Westgate church before heading back to METAL to annotate it all on the map, plotting playful spaces and discussing the next steps…


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