Questions and Poems at Dinner

We’ve been invited to a dinner Party at METAL. We drove through the fens on a blustery night to attend Delaine le Bas’ To Gypsyland project dinner.

White walls that Delaine will adorn during the week to come, surround the dinner table which seats Delaine’s many guests. We each say who we are and recall a place we’ve been refused entry to. There are also some pertinent questions under our dinner plates: “what are you most afraid of?” or “where is the edge?” – some people post them on FB to get responses,  others swap questions amongst themselves, some write their answers on the table cloth and others keep them to themselves.

After food and a communal fortune telling, some poetry is read.

When all is said and done we collect more ‘six words about Peterborough’ (see our previous post for some of them) and are delighted to be presented with three striking short poems by Damian le Bas (yes there is a family connection – we leave you to work it out) – here they are

Image 1Image 2Image 3

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