We found a line to follow and much more


We had an inspiring day at Furtherfield Commons in Finsbury Park – thanks to everyone who braved the cold to walk, play and talk past, present and future. We learnt about a huge reservoir hidden under a grassy mound and learned more about the path of the New river (opened in 1613!). We discussed and dreamt aloud about potential future additions to the park such as fountains, attractions for birds, labels for trees, a huge lego factory and even a giant trampoline! 

We asked how one could welcome creatures from a parallel universe and agreed a cup of tea might be a good start (it was cold so no wonder we all yearned for something warm). We talked  about fences, boundaries and rules as we meandered guided by the trusted ‘directions’ die. Luckily we had a seven year old to guide us through the numerous play areas, which are otherwise out of bounds for adults – even if they are playful. 

Our next walkshop is on Saturday the 18th (1500-1700)- join us for more exploratory walking and playing.


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