sunny reflections

Our last ‘Open Walk’ (a few more invited groups due soon) before the App testing begins took place under sparkling sun.


We balanced on something or someone in the passageway by the tourist office, and walked backwards in silence in front of the Cathedral with the wind in our backs… and with an audience of astonished onlookers…




IMG_3828 IMG_3863 IMG_3811

We talked a lot and whispered at times about what Peterborough used to be like and good places one can still play in, as well as the ones where it’s no longer the case. AND we made daisy chains and skipped in the market (or some of us did)




The feedback and reflections around the table with all the games we played combined into a truly inspiring afternoon – just what we needed as we start thinking through possible prompts … Peterborough can certainly play now!

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