schools playing on street corners

Today we walked with two schools – in the morning the primary school kept us busy and in the afternoon the sixth form students entertained us. We learnt a lot more about playing peterborough from these experts in their field.


We were reminded how inventive children can be when given simple objects to play with and also what keen observers they are. When we asked about sounds and memories of play they told us about singing. They loved shouting words out on a busy street corner. We admired their physicality and willingness to try things out. And one boy collected an amazing amount of things – so many way to play.  IMG_7691 IMG_5515 IMG_7692 IMG_7690 The teenagers were tired and grumpy and hot but even they could not help themselves and engaged in interesting conversations about where one can and cannot play in the city. They also balanced in interesting ways and one of them even sang out a beautiful nursery rhyme from Iran in Cathedral square. We tried to not provoke the many swans we met along the way and one of them made it into the booklet. IMG_5529 IMG_5531 IMG_5534 IMG_5536


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