smiling at neighbours and shouting in the square

Another full day of playing the city – a small but wonderful group of adult learners in the morning and ‘sense’ Peterborough group in the afternoon.

IMG_5547IMG_7909We bend over to make an extraordinary window at the back of the cathedral and shout out words around chalk circles, which cathedral warden seems very worried about.

We discuss opportunities for play in specific spaces with the adult learners who test out low tech prompts. A very useful session as we try and work out if and what will work and where. We experiment with sounds to accompany made up games behind St Johns (daring or what?), wave to the passengers below (very popular), read out bus destinations like a poem (because the place names seem so evocative) and last but not least we smile to a stranger on a park bench (not as difficult as all that )  IMG_5552 IMG_5563 IMG_5567 IMG_5574


In the afternoon we are joined by a great group – each with different difficulty and plenty of curiosity and interest. We hear great chopsticks tunes on street furniture, find a green patch (and hug it), balance on something (in this case the white cane), discuss play and just before we head back some even shout out loud by cathedral square.  IMG_7922 IMG_7919 IMG_7911 IMG_7901


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