CUT YOUR NOSE LIKE YOUR HAIR is the name of the article /review Jes Fernie has written about our work which is now published in Art and the Public Sphere Journal – Vol. 7.1

The review ends beautifully suggesting that our work is “designed to maximize certain degrees of freedom in the way it can be used. Players can explore all manner of worlds, including the idea of ‘publicness’; they can create their own publics with no sense that they are a vessel for corporate gain. Like projects and actions by the Dadaists, the SI and many performance artists, Play the City Now or Never aims to ‘unplay the dominant systems of control’ (Flanagan 2009: 189) and to re-inscribe power structures. In so doing, it has created a platform for subtle interventions, political awakening and radical acts”. You can read the whole review on our texts page._I6A1666edit

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