Talking Playing Remembering

Had a great time doing the artists talk at METAL future networks event.

39We decided that it would be good to find out what people remember from playing, back when play was more feral.

Before we started the talk we asked people to write down on yellow notes the places they remembered playing in. After the talk we invited people to draw out of a hat a yellow note and relate it to a place in Peterborough or their own memory of similar place. We discovered that Ferry Meadows is a hidden gem where free play is experienced, delighted in and remembered. We debated whether it would be possible to play, sing or even draw in Queensgate shopping centre and found the river to be one place where you might still be able to play.

We learnt a lot about the way we all used to play, remember it fondly and wish it were still possible…a good way to start our project…

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